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The Egon Schiele Museum in Tulln is a centre of expertise for the artist’s life and work. It highlights the spaces that Schiele inhabited in his native town and its environs, explores his biography and œuvre, and puts on alternating exhibitions of original works. A trail gives visitors insights into the research relating to Egon Schiele. The research trail shows different approaches to the artist; it is also a way for Diethard and Elisabeth Leopold to share with visitors their experience of creating the world’s largest Schiele collection. 

One trail, which is accompanied by Alessandra Comini, traces the various stages of Schiele’s life, which visitors can immerse themselves in. Finally, visitors learn about events involving the people who were Schiele’s companions. This is made possible by interviews that Comini, an art historian, conducted with the artist’s family in the 1960s. Every year, a new special exhibition is designed for each stage of the artist’s life. In 2023, the focus is on Schiele’s artist friend Erwin Osen.

In the Treasure Chamber, famous original works by Schiele are examined in the context of a specific topic. The current exhibition, “Egon Schiele. Gazes”, explains how Schiele looked at different topics, but also explores the significance of eyes in the artist’s portraits.

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