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Team of the Egon Schiele Museum

The Egon Schiele Museum Tulln, a subsidiary of the Museum Betriebs GmbH with headquarters in St. Pölten, is supervised by the following Team:

Mag. Matthias Pacher
Mag. (FH) Stefan Mitterer

Authorized Representative



Special Projects Art & Culture

Exhibition & Publication Management

 Head of Marketing
 Public Relations
 Art Education
 Digital Marketing & Social Media
 Events & Tourism
 Events & Tourism
 Feedback Management & Digital Marketing
 Information & Visitor Service
 Editing & Printed Management

Facility Management & Media Technology
 Head of department
Reinhard Zuser, Ralf Eder, Andreas Giesswein

 Head of department
Renate Nürnberger Ticketing Tulln
Lydia Truksitz Ticketing Tulln

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