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In our “Treasury” you can find an annually changing choice of art works by the exceptional artist.

Family, friends, companions

Featuring more than a dozen original works, this year the Schatzkammer will focus on the environment of this artist of the century. Schiele's family was aware of his exceptional talent from an early age – even as a boy he was passed around as a "child prodigy". The brothers Hans, Max and Fritz Karpfen became important school friends in Klosterneuburg. Ludwig Karl Strauch discovered Egon Schiele's talent as his teacher in Klosterneuburg. Wolfgang Pauker was a canon at Klosterneuburg Abbey and one of his first patrons. Heinrich Benesch was Egon Schiele's first collector. All these personalities and, of course, his fatherly friend Gustav Klimt are the subject of the exhibition.

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