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Team of the Egon Schiele Museum

The Egon Schiele Museum Tulln, a subsidiary of the NÖ Museum Betriebs GmbH with headquarters in St. Pölten, is supervised by the following Team:

Mag. Matthias Pacher
Mag. Bernadette Schager


Co-Curator, Exhibition & Publication Management

Head & Authorized Representative
 Assistent Head & Events

Visitor Service & Art Education
 Art Education
 Information & Visitor Service
Visitor Service

Public Relations
 Public Relations

Digital Marketing & Social Media
 Digital Marketing & Social Media
 Feedback Management & Digital Marketing

Facility Management & Media Technology
 Head of department
Reinhard Zuser, Ralf Eder, Andreas Giesswein

 Head of department
Andrea Handel Ticketing Tulln
Lydia Zeitlinger Ticketing Tulln


The former city prison of Tulln opened in 1990 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Egon Schiele as the first museum dedicated exclusively to the life and work of the artist. To date yearly 6000 visitors come from all over the world to get an idea of the artistic beginnings of Egon Schiele.

The partly preserved prison cells pose challenges for the design of exhibitions, but also contribute to the distinctive ambience of the museum. A specially furnished studio in the attic allows guests of all ages, not only to look at pictures, but also to create them. In 2018, the Egon Schiele Museum will be just as old as the artist became, namely 28 years: time for a new beginning.


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Contact & Inquiries

Press Officer
Mag. Florian Müller
Tel: +43 2742 90 80 90-911
Fax: +43 2742 90 80 99

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Kulturbezirk 5
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