Familie in der Ausstellung Egon Schiele Privat
© NÖ Museum Betriebs GmbH, Foto: Martina Siebenhandl

A biographical approach
The redesign of the house in Tulln puts the life of Egon Schiele in the centre of attention. As a result, this museum gem becomes a meaningful addition to the large museums that pay attention to the work of the artist. The museum is also the starting point for an exploration of the habitats of the artist. This exploration takes us back about 50 years when an unusual woman approached the work of Egon Schiele in an, at the time, unusual way.

By using conversations with contemporaries of Alessandra Comini as its basis, the Egon Schiele Museum in Tulln takes a completely new approach to being the biographical centre of the artist. Comini’s audio interviews from the 1960’s are unique originals which are exclusively available to the Egon Schule Museum in Tulln. The exhibition traces the biography of Egon Schiele while letting people testify who accompanied the artist or fundamentally studied his work.

Schiele spent almost all his life between Lower Austria and Vienna. The intensity with which he internalised the country around Vienna in his work is impressive. In the centre of this Schiele cosmos lies his birthplace Tulln where the artist spent more than a third of his life. Neulengbach, Krems, Klosterneuburg and Vienna were easy to reach for excursions thanks to the ground-breaking innovation of the railway.

Today, visitors can easily explore the landscapes that conditioned Schiele’s wonderful work from here. This makes it possible to have a holistic view of the biography and the work of the artist, considering the relationship between art and life.

Recommended visiting time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Mitschnitt der Veranstaltung im Stift Klosterneuburg am 2. Juni 2022
Alessandra Comini im Gespräch mit Christian Bauer im Stift Klosterneuburg